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Quality Water Wells and Water Systems
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Conrad Well Drilling Ltd. is located in Parry Sound, Ontario and serves the Parry Sound, Muskoka and Georgian Bay Districts. It is our intent to provide our customers with quality water wells and water systems that meet their present and future water demands.

Using proper well construction practices we can provide the water you need while protecting the ground water resource for all.

Trust your water well to Conrad Well Drilling and know it will be well done!

We're dedicated to ground water professionalism:

  • Licensed Water Well Contractor
  • Ontario, Canadian & National Ground Water Association Member
  • Licensed Water Well Technician
  • Drilling Technician’s Diploma

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Our Services

iconOur Water Guarantee

When water wells are drilled, the yield of the well is determined by various sized fractures encountered at various depths within the bedrock. Water is able to flow through these fractures and where your well intersects these fractures during the drilling process determines the depth and yield of your well. To assure you enough water for your daily demands we offer a guarantee of yield.

We offer a water guarantee of 5,500 litres per day of yield from your well. Most wells are capable of producing greater yields. If we don't get you the water then you don't pay!

iconDrilled Water Wells

Our water wells are constructed using 0.250 wall, 6 5/8" O.D. steel well casing with a heat hardened steel drive shoe on the bottom to help in providing a good seal into the bedrock. Once the casing is set and grouted into place, a 6" hole is drilled using a down-the-hole hammer percussion button bit in search of water-bearing fractures beneath. When enough water is found to be adequate for the household demands, the drilling stops and tools are pulled out and the well is capped. Following a pumping test on the well, a suitable water system can be selected.

iconPump Installations

A water system can be selected once the well's yield and depth are known. The two main components of the water system are a submersible pump and motor down the well and a water pressure tank in the house. A series of piping and wiring and various fittings connect the system together.

Your pump and motor supply water vertically up the well to a connection known as a pitless adapter. From here the water direction is changed from vertical to horizontal following the line from the well to the house. Once in the house, the water flows through a one way check valve into a pressure tank where it is pressurized and stored to supply steady pressure to all the taps in the house.

Using Franklin-Electric pumps and motors and Well-X-Trol pressure tanks, we are happy to offer a 10-year warranty on these major components to your water system.

iconWell Abandonment

Recent regulations in Ontario call for any old unused or improperly constructed well to be properly abandoned or decommissioned, as these are potential points for the introduction of ground water contamination. Using a licensed well contractor is necessary, as they are the only ones who are permitted to do this work in Ontario.

In abandoning a well, the well is plugged up using a bentonite clay grout which is able to swell and seal off the hole that once was your well. This way your well no longer has the potential to act as a conduit for contamination into the aquifer, which is shared by us all. Help protect our precious ground water resource!

iconGeothermal Wells

We provide services for the drilling and installation of vertical heat loops.

The depth of holes and the length of the loops are designed to allow for optimal heat exchange between the earth and your house or building. With rising energy costs and an emphasis on eco-friendly behaviours, geothermal systems are a good start to save some money while leaving little environmental footprint.

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